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ARCH-E's main objective is to promote high-quality architectural solutions for the built environment by boosting the use of Architectural Design Competitions (ADCs) throughout Europe.

Currently, due to national frameworks and a lack of information sharing, transnational participation in ADCs is quite low, which excludes many architects from participating and hinders competition. This disproportionately affects small and micro-enterprises, particularly those led by young and female architects, which can harm their professional development.

ARCH-E is a project co-funded by the European Union under the Creative Europe framework (CREA).

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The Value of Architectural Competitions

‘The Architectural Competitions contribute to the creation of spaces that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and meet the needs of society. More importantly, they play a key role in shaping a resilient and sustainable built environment, with urban planning and quality architecture, while promoting innovation, and sustainability, enhancing community participation and positively affecting the development of cities.’ stated Alkis Dikaios, President of ARCH-E partner Cyprus Architects Association.

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