Anna Yakovleva, © UVT GROUP, Photographer: UVT GROUP

Anna Yakovleva

Architect, ADC Expert

Hnata Khotkevycha str. 10, of 181 | 02094 Kyiv
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Our company has been operating in Ukraine since 2008, and since 2016 we have been working as a general designer and developer. We have extensive experience working with projects of various levels of complexity from residential buildings, commercial and shopping centers to airports (LOD300-LOD400 and more if necessary).
You can familiarize yourself with our projects on our website
Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we have developed many projects for the reconstruction of Ukraine, such as Irpin, Borodyanka, Moshchun, including solutions for unified schools, one of which is the art school in Borodyanka. You can learn more about our projects on our website