Glossary (Beta) - work in progress

ATTENTION: this is the “work in progress”- editing status of the ARCH-E Glossary.
Please note that all definitions need to be checked again (spelling, terminology, content...). Please do not use this glossary as a reference book or as a source for research yet.
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The ARCH-E Glossary will show the most important terminologies and their culturally specific interpretation. The about 100 preselected keywords will not only be translated but also provide a comparison of meaning and content in the respective countries/country situations.
As a first output we provide individual glossaries for all participating partners and cooperation partners.
Within the ARCH-E project, all glossaries of the participating partners are evaluated and compared to find out different approaches, different interpretations and different rules of the game. The big challenge is to make the terms clearly understandable and thus avoid mistakes and misunderstandings. This is an ongoing process ...

Please note that the Federal Chamber of Architects and Chartered Engineering Consultants deny liability for direct or indirect damage of any kind, resulting from the use of the glossary contents in your daily business. We also deny liability for direct or indirect damage of any kind for the comments of third parties, which use the comment function. Please also note our disclaimer.

Individual Glossary

Individual Glossary

ARCH-E Glossary

ARCH-E Glossary

Based on the Individual Glossaries, the ARCH-E Glossary - Search offers you the possibility to compare the different terminology in the different countries of the project partners.
One of our ambitious goals is to identify and highlight the differences for all users, by putting a small symbol/icon on the terms that do not match 100%.
Please note: this is an ongoing process ...

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