IBA’27 Postareal / postal area Böblingen

Günter Katherl, Caramel architekten zt-gmbh

Open EU-wide competition

“The Good High-rise” is proposed for the “Former Post Area” property in Böblingen.
Due to the low space consumption of the building and the location on the property, an urban square in the north-west, towards the train station and Bahnhofsstrasse, as well as a city garden in the south is possible.
The forecourt as a “joint”, the start and end of the urban axis Bahnhofstrasse – “Unteren See”, “The Good High-rise” is to be built primarily in timber construction and is divided into two sides:
In the north to the urban square and the train station (loud), the “Stadtregal”, in the south (bright and quiet) the “Good High-rise” is where living takes place. A mix of uses of around 60% residential and around 40% public use is achieved.
A two-story building in the south provides a well-placed end to the property at the intersection of Wilhemstrasse and the corner of Karlstrasse. This aims, on the one hand, to give the city garden more urban definition and, on the other hand, to create the necessary additional infrastructure for a successful city grandstand. Also included
There is a communal kitchen, a workshop, with guest rooms above, which can be used openly by all residents and can also be booked externally. In addition, the daycare center planned on the ground floor should be given an outdoor space that is protected and located in the southern, sunny area.
The high-rise building as a landmark, gateway to the city, 15 floors. H 52.50m/ L 52.50m/ D 22.60m.
Between the usage units of the city shelf and the apartments is the accessible arcade, with green air spaces connecting the floors, as a “front garden and buffer zone” to the apartments. As well as public terraces and common areas as meeting areas.

Client: Böblinger Baugesellschaft mbH, Böblingen

Categories: Housing

Location: Böblingen, Germany

ADC: ADC entry/not built, open ADC 2021

Project Gallery

postareal rendering.jpg, © Caramel, Photographer: Caramel
postareal rendering.jpg
postareal ansicht nord-ost.jpg, © Caramel, Photographer: Caramel
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Günter Katherl, © Caramel, Photographer: Jana Madzigon

Günter Katherl

Caramel architekten zt-gmbh
Architect, ADC Expert

Türkenstraße 17 | 1090 Wien