Martin-Behaim-Gymnasium / High School

Günter Katherl, Caramel architekten zt-gmbh

Open EU-wide competition
1st Prize
Under construction

1700 students + 7 gyms + 1 cafeteria

Process: the modular structure of the building and the spatial situations allow for a participatory planning process between students, teachers and planners for construction planning.

Situations: by interim result of winning the competition 4 higher-level situations are created:
central access hall as a city center for everyone
market places “Learning landscape” for 6-8 classes around the auditorium
classes with optional closed or open room structure
balcony area in front of the classes as an individual retreat or external presentation of the school

Program: in the order of magnitude of the entire everyone has a school community right down to the individual student the possibility varies depending on the individual temporary needs of different large communities to join or withdraw individually. The customizable furniture elements of the interior and the balcony zones convey the idea of ​​life learning space inside and out.

Client: WBG KOMMUNAL GmbH, Nürnberg

Categories: Education

Location: Nürnberg, Germany

ADC: implemented/built after an ADC, open ADC 2019

Project Gallery

martin_beheim_gymnasium_außenkl_caramel_architekten.jpg, © Caramel, Photographer: Caramel
martin_beheim_gymnasium_innenkl_caramel_architekten.jpg, © Caramel, Photographer: Caramel
martin_beheim_gymnasium_schemaklkl_caramel_architekten.jpg, © Caramel, Photographer: Caramel
martin behaim gymnasium lage.jpg, © Caramel, Photographer: Caramel
martin behaim gymnasium lage.jpg

Günter Katherl, © Caramel, Photographer: Jana Madzigon

Günter Katherl

Caramel architekten zt-gmbh
Architect, ADC Expert

Türkenstraße 17 | 1090 Wien