Wooden Row Houses in Estonia

Veljko Armano Linta, Studio Armano Linta

This design won the special Velux Award of the international Katus Competition for a modular wooden prefabricated row house to be built by the Kodumaja company in the Estonian city of Tartu. The plot is near the Estonian Museum of Agriculture, whose architectural forms inspired the forms of these row houses.

Each of the three row houses comprises three apartments. Each apartment has 120m2 of interior space, 33m2 of garage space and 57m2 of semi-enclosed courtyards.

Sustainability was approached in the following ways:

- terraced houses have use less building materials and heating energy compared to detached houses

- prefabricated modules are sized for simple and feasible transportation

- yards include private zones for dwelling units and common zones for neighbourly socialising

- cars are placed at edge of the plot in roder to create safe spaces for pedestrians and for play

- living rooms have natural light coming from two directions to create maximum spaciousness in minimum surface area

- big roof surfaces include rooflights with exterior shading, which enables passive solar heating in the winter and avoids overheating in the summer

- big roof surfaces offer enough space for solar collectors for hot water and photovoltaics for electricity production

- the living room can be easily ventilated thanks to the openings on opposite sides and to the opening to the upper story (beside the wood stove chimney)

- the load-bearing structure and most of the facade cladding are made of wood, which lowers the carbon footprint of building materials.

More images here: http://armanolinta.hr/en/work/row-houses-tartu-estonia

Categories: Housing, New Construction

Location: Tartu, Estonia

ADC: ADC entry/not built, open ADC 2015

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Armano Linta Katus.jpeg, © Studio Armano Linta, Photographer: Studio Armano Linta
Armano Linta Katus.jpeg

Veljko Armano Linta, © Studio Armano Linta, Photographer: Studio Armano Linta

Veljko Armano Linta

Studio Armano Linta